China's agricultural automation is entering a rapid development stage. The gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend and the increase in labor costs have both contributed to the accelerated advancement of automation. Compared with European and American countries, the automation of our agriculture is still in its infancy and the market space is extremely huge. Agriculture is also an experimental field for the implementation of automated driving. Automatic sowing, automatic harvesting, automatic plowing, and automatic pesticide spraying are more than several times more efficient than manual operation.

Low cost, High efficiency

     Agricultural machinery automatic driving system can change the lack of human resources completely over, although the current technology, still need to have the presence of a driver, but there is no longer any special requirements for experience and technology. The driver just has to sit back and prevent technical failures and deviations. Although it is not yet autonomous driving in the true sense, the reduction in labor costs and the increase in efficiency are still huge. We have greatly reduced the cost of the whole set of automatic driving equipment by fusing the high precision positioning board into the interactive terminal of agricultural machinery.

Precise Positioning

How to achieve accurate positioning in the weak signal area in the deviated area, we solve this problem by setting up dual antenna navigation. Single antenna in order not to yaw needs to calculate whether to move in a straight line according to the positioning change brought by the position change. Once the signal is not timely, it will lead to yawing, while the dual antenna can do the orientation function, the single signal reception can calculate the driving angle, which increases the tolerance to the signal timeliness, and the strength of the signal received by the dual antenna is also much stronger than the single antenna setting.

Highly Stable Equipment

     Voltage surges, high and low temperatures, dust and rain will not be a problem. UniOne's equipment for agricultural machinery is designed and developed for 7-36V wide voltage, no longer afraid of voltage surges, -20 to -70 degrees operating temperature, high and low temperatures are not a problem. IP65 and MIL-STD-810G standards, dust, rain, vibration can easily solve

Using Situation

     Our agricultural equipment has been galloping in the vast lands of Xinjiang and Northeast China Helping farmers complete the first step of agricultural automation