With an increasing demand for display resolution visibility under dazzling sunlight, demand for Rugged tablet in the enterprise continues to rise. Manufactured to withstand a variety of industrial and environmental challenges, Unione Rugged tablets could easily pass different test including drops, spills, bumps and extremely temperature switches. Unione's rugged tablet pcs are made to endure the abuses and requirements your job demands without sacrificing performance.

High accuracy Geolocation

        The UW55M is uncompromisingly rugged and hardened against the elements. The UW55M offers constant connectivity, enabling high-speed communication, real-time coordination, easy Geolocation, responsive navigation and constant data collection. Its compatibility with the new Wi-Fi 6 (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) standard enable smooth mobile connectivity,  Dedicated GPS/GLONASS is also available to provide Geolocation information anywhere on the planet. Diverse port configuration means legacy equipment need not be left out. The UW55M is sealed to IP67 standard against dust and jetting water and can withstand multiple drops to concrete per across a wide temperature range. Meanwhile, it supports the wet hands and glove operating.


In a world where devices need to work power-up enough is essential – in portable devices that means a focus on battery configuration. The UW55M offers a range of battery configurations and options, including an optional high capacity battery. The capacity is 9000 Amh. In fact, you need never concern the UW52 battery power if the device is pooled between workers or required across multiple work shifts. Combining superior performance and top-shelf enterprise features, the UW55M supercharges productivity and efficiency in this field.

Performance Appearance

UW55M ’s brilliant 10″sunlight-readable display with 400 NITs screen offers clear and easy viewing in challenging conditions. No matter how bright the sun gets, the information on your screen will always be as clear as day.

Size matters when it comes to mobility. Weighing in less 750g and with a thickness of 13.3mm, UW55M fits ergonomically in one hand. Frontline operatives will feel no extra burden when they bring the UW55M along with their tools and equipment.