• Operating System

    Intel Elkhart Lake N6415 1.2GHz up to 3.0GHz

  • Memory & Storage

    8 GB+128GB SSD

  • Dimensions(W x H x D)

    1200*1920,Type 500 nits

  • Display

    8.0 inch

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In the ever-evolving landscape of portable computing, the 8-Inch Windows Tablet emerges as a versatile and powerful device, seamlessly combining the functionality of a full-scale computer with the convenience of a compact tablet. Let's explore the standout features that make this device a game-changer in the world of mobile computing.

Compact Design: Portable Powerhouse

The 8-Inch Windows Tablet strikes the perfect balance between portability and functionality. Its compact design makes it easy to carry on the go, fitting comfortably into bags and pockets. Whether you're a professional on the move or a student between classes, this tablet is designed for effortless portability.

Windows Operating System: A Familiar Interface

Running on the Windows operating system, this tablet provides users with a familiar and intuitive interface. Compatibility with a wide range of applications, software, and productivity tools ensures a seamless transition for users accustomed to the Windows environment, enhancing user experience and productivity.

Connectivity Options: Stay Connected Anywhere

Equipped with a variety of connectivity options, including USB ports, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, the 8-Inch Windows Tablet ensures users stay connected wherever they go. Whether it's connecting peripherals, sharing files, or accessing online resources, the tablet provides the flexibility needed for a connected lifestyle.

Touchscreen Functionality: Intuitive Interaction

Featuring a responsive touchscreen, the tablet allows for intuitive interaction. Users can effortlessly navigate through applications, websites, and documents with the touch of a finger, enhancing overall usability and making the device accessible to a wide range of users.


    • OEM&ODM
    • Provide all-round services including but not limited to rebrand, Android and Windows, rugged design  and customized accessory in maintenance.
    • All Day
    • 7*24-hour consulting services to provide the most effective and fastest services and intelligent cloud all-weather real-time monitoring to ensure maximum avoidance of customer losses.
    • Comprehensive
    • Provide all-round services including but not limited to rebrand, Android and Windows, rugged design and and customized accessory in maintenance.
    • Full Devotion
    • Pay close attention to the opinions and requirements of customers, solve problems as soon as possible, and provide high quality services.


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