The society need to provide utilities and services for the workers, so we need possess the right tools for the work. The public service is very important for the society, it can make the society better of operating. It’s their job to keep the community running smoothly of year-round in all kinds of conditions. What gives today’s workers a huge advantage over the predecessors is that they have the rugged handheld computing technology to get more done, more efficiently and in any environment.

Meter reading

     The meter reading is commonly used, almost all over the world it is indispensable. Whether your work relate to manual, meter reading, or maybe a little of everything, we can provide an appropriate solution to fit your needs. UA6 are designed to work reliably in any hard conditions, and by pairing them with our partners’ application-specific software, we can offer a total solution that helps to collect the data what you need in less time.

Meter Installation

Having good understanding the requirements from customers, UniOne are able to provide solution that could fully fulfill meter installation successfully and efficiently. So you can easily collect necessary data and record GPS locations. UA6 can transfer statistic data and give a precise reply for users. UniOne professional engineer team are available to solve all technical issues from users.

Meter service

     The UA6 can receive the questions at any time. UA6 performs reliably in any condition, it is friendly for users .You can collect readings, inspection, and change meters faster than before. In conclusion, UA6 can save time for users and have a feedback at the first time. The stuffs have enough time to solve the problems. It can increase the time of problem solution for stuffs and have a good impression.

Public transportation

     UA6 has positive influence on public transportation. It could optimize the utility of GPS navigation. The bus driver can depend on it to show the best route. Even it has any emergency or roadwork, UA6 can plan ahead and change the route, to help bus driver to save time and avoid traffic jam. It can use the public transportation and even can have not bad effects. The excellent performance is popular with in this field .UA6 is more suitable for public transportation. It is portable and high accuracy position, it can improve the efficiency.