UA 56

If you can reduce your failures by one smart tablet, do you want it? In this field, the device like this maybe can come true. UA56 can help you. It can improve your work efficiency and make the wrong rate down, UA56 can contribute its effect to help consumers, and it is the most prominent function. It can make user leave more time to handle more complicated problems. Meantime, its smart embodied in can adapt the change of hostile environments and situation.

Smart functions

The smart mean is UA56 has some amazing functions. Almost tablet weight is very heavy. But the UA56 as a 10 inch tablet, the design is very thin and light. Though it is thin and light, it has no compact that it has robust housing. UA56 screen has 500 nits. It is another highlights. Normally the tablets is 400 nits. But the UA56 is with 500 nits and the consumers see the forms and they don't need enlarge the screen use their fingers. And consumers use it and don't have any pressure. The battery capacity is 9000Amh. If consumers have an excursion with UA56,It is a best choice.

Adapt to hostile environments   

       You know the weather is not always like you expect when especially you need work outside and you meet the hostile weather coincidently. Because the weather really is changeable in this world, so just to get used to it. But your device must be get used to this earlier than you. Otherwise the work maybe not finished smoothly. UA56 provides the availability for consumers to operate with the glove and wet hands. UA56 can adapt to the extreme condition when temperature is in dramatically change.

No matter which situations is used of UA56, it can pass the difficult trails. Whenever it works with forklift or crane or truck, UA56 is not afraid of shaking unregularly, dropping from any position or sliding to river by incaution. It always not make you disappointed.

Not only UA56’S ruggedness shell but also the hardware is excellent similarly. Accessories are available for consumers. The dock can make UA56 fixed in truck and office. The handstrap can give more convenience to users .