End users from the world are very satisfied because UA8S offers more profits. UA8S provides efficient information transfer service to help to build safety logistic and supply chain. Also users can use UA8S to pick up an order until complete it perfectly. During the task period, customers can resolve questions directly.

It is very common to adopt paperless workflow into company management to comply with environmental regulation in modern business. With the development of technology, UA8S has main role in this field. It is easy to keep. The operation time is long. Meantime the data should be correct. Whenever the customer want to know any information, they can use the UA8S to check.

In the transportation, customers and suppliers can know the accuracy position and status in every time. If the parcel delivery have any problem, the logistic staff could correct the route or track the positioning information on time. So the parcel can be shipped correctly to customers.

UA8S A12 can keep your supply chain running smoothly, saving you time and improving your bottom line. Communication When drivers are on the road, they need to communicate with dispatchers to coordinate a wide range of logistics tasks, including scheduling and confirming deliveries, planning terminal loading times, booking ferries and subcontractors, collecting freight agreements, and monitoring customer payments. The rugged tablet computer can run powerful communication management software. UA8S comes with expansion ports that support accessory or customization accessory like vehicle dock or charger.

UA8S is one device that integrates outdoor data collectors, measuring equipment, field controllers, displays, navigation tools, and communication equipment. It makes data collection easy with a bright large screen and hot-swappable battery. The device is tolerance to extreme temperatures so that field work can be performed uninterrupted as expected.

UA8S ’s equipment is versatile and can be used with all your peripherals. It has BT, USB, and serial ports, so you can connect laser rangefinders, total stations, gyroscope detectors, sonar systems, radar equipment, satellites, external antennas, and GIS and GPS units, etc.

UA8S is also connected to WLAN networks and cellular infrastructure to ensure your safety and connectivity anywhere in the world. Rugged mobile computers can be used in a wide range of environmental applications.
UA8S can display detailed graphics without sacrificing speed, and without sacrificing screen resolution and readability for this. In addition to high durability levels and performance capabilities, it also include large, sunlight-readable displays with capacitive multi-touch screens that provide a simple and modern user experience while fully protecting Weather and outdoor factors.