Mainly have three usage scenario in mining field  : Mining safety inspection , GIS mapping and measurement , fleet management and maintenance.

Mining safety inspection

Mining sites also are the most difficult places . Dust, humidity and large gravel fall from time to time, and the measurement of the smooth development of mining work and the accuracy of the results, these factors will directly affect the quality of mineral exploration and mine construction. Harsh working environment, high precision and fast measurement requirements become a great challenge for digital mine.

GIS mapping and measurement

Mining safety inspection , GIS mapping and measurement.UT55 is durable and performance processing  speed of dating ,workers can make the wise decision that will improve the safety of mining . Powerful and fast Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4G LTE enables on-site personnel to access mining and geological GIS information at any time.

Staying connected improves productivity by allowing front-line operators to transmit more accurate topographic data to supervisors.

The combination of real-time GIS data collected on site and cloud-specific data can provide the most accurate natural resource management methods.

Fleet management and maintenance

The UT55 is a good companion for the driver, installing the UT55 in a convenient place between the dashboard or the front seat to keep abreast of fleet management and tracking system information.

UT55 has the characteristics of drop, shock, moisture and dust. The UT55 operates in extreme temperatures from -10°C to 55°C and is up to 800 nits bright, making it easy to read even in dazzling sunlight.

UT55 assists customers in maintaining procedures and proactively identifies problems through routine fleet information, allowing any issues to be managed quickly and efficiently, reducing fleet downtime and saving money