Unione’s rugged tablets and handhelds are used in a variety of geospatial applications, including land survey, construction survey and forensics mapping. Our geospatial customers depend  on our rugged tablets to be the ideal tools for mapping, surveying, and GIS data collection applications. Thanks to the ultra-rugged construction, huge battery capacity, sunlight viewable and expandable customizable solutions.  It is built from the inside out and includes a wide range of features designed to help you collect accurate GIS data efficiently in harsh outdoor and industrial conditions.

Land Survey

       UA8HP can be used multiple industrials Whether you’re mapping property boundaries, designing and laying out  and subdivisions, or taking precision measurements of angles and elevation. UA8HP is your ideal products for collecting land survey data. Increase your efficiency and productivity while improving the land around you by relying on it for all your land surveying needs. UA8HP has some features (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof), sunlight readable displays, long battery life,  and field-swappable batteries. Options for GPS, varies accessories , barcode scanner,  are also available.

Construction Products

       While facing with some of the most rough environments on earth, construction surveyors and managers look to UA8HP ,it has high accuracy location to guide construction projects . UA8HP can manage all aspects of their project on-site. UA8HP will undoubtedly withstand both horrible and frigid temperatures, high drops, rain and snow, heavy machinery, and extreme amounts of dirt and dust, all of which are everyday elements in construction survey. UA8HP can accept the all hard environments and is very durable .

Data Collection

         Enormous efficiency gains can be made , it is achieved by shifting from a time-wasting paper-based data collection process to a digital system using UA8HP . Electronic data collection virtually eliminates typos and errors, as well as problems with writing by hands , loss of writing tools  and weather-damaged paperwork. UA8HP reduces more error rate and economize more time . UA8HP reduces more error rates and economize more time . UA8HP use the great system to ensure the data is correct and long term .from one situation , it can protect environments on earth .


        Foresters can use the rugged UA8HP GPS data collector in conjunction with mapping and inventory software to navigate to cruise plots, collect timber measurements and calculate inventory volumes. UA8HP offer software that lets you gather positions and attribute data . UA8HP can instead of  the labor to reduce the labor cost and save the time .  Meantime , the data is more accuracy . uses can recall it anytime . The map and app of stock can offer the latest data .  it can improve the efficiency .


       For growers and agronomists who want to maximize crop yield and field efficiency, truly mobile, rugged computers are indispensable. Walking a field to observe phenomena of damage, disease or pest infestation requires technology ,so they need one device that  easy to carry and can use constant exposure to outdoor conditions.

     Today’s crop scouting professionals have many choices when it comes to mobile field scouting apps. UA8HP can offer some applications and  perform a range of tasks, such as data collection, note taking, GPS navigation, real-time GIS displays, communication, detailed reporting and data transmission. UA8HP has cutting-edge data collection features make scouting incredibly fast, efficient and precise, UA8HP will  keep your data safe and secure in the field.