In areas where dangerous items may be occurred, one rugged device with the necessary certifications is reliable. The great performance, sturdy shell and PTT can provide good experience for customer.

From heavy machinery to hostile weather, construction sites contain hazards that can harm both workers and materials. UW55H is provided in hazardous field. It is far less vulnerable to these hazards. UW55H can give project managers and workers a dependable tools to manage and carry out the huge risk tasks more safely and efficiently. While saving time and money, and then, the workers has great will to complete this work by using the reliable device. It will be main impetus for worker and they will try their best to finish the work. The workers have more passionate. To some extent, it can improve productivity.


As we all know, construction has the highest rate more than any industries of workplace injuries. UW55Hcan distinctly reduce the risks during the working. It can decrease response time of incidents when risk occurs. Because UW55H has great performance, the worker faces the hazards, they can remove the obstacles.

  UW55H can help infrastructure construction’s workers to improve safety and efficiency when they are working. By reading and monitoring behaviors correctly, stuffs can make accurate calculations and record data, reducing risk and saving time and money by reduce workload and risk.

Tough environments

      UW55H can improve worksite efficiency in a wide range of challenging environments .UW55H can be used in anywhere and even In the world’s coldest, highest, lowest and wettest locations, it will not lose high performance and can keep researchers and environmental scientists safe. Where other devices break or become unusable, UW55H still offer solid construction, long-lasting batteries, sunlight viewable, and multiple ways to enter data. The kind of functions can ensure the users are safety and transfer data not delay. UW55H has an unbelievable ability for facing the risk.

Ensure the mining safety

   Mine operators have one site inspection of surface mines, it need high demands for device, because this behaviors have very high risks.  Inspectors need a reliable and fully portable mobile devices in order to perform compliance checks safely and accurately .The device can guarantee that the workers can send messages to external world.

       UW55H has safely, quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. Noncompliant issues can be communicated in real-time and solved quickly. This process also remove data into UW55H, as data can be stored, transmitted and reported directly from UW55H. It can ensure the safety of users to the maximum extent.