New technological solutions, including rugged computers and mobile applications, are currently improving countless aspects of field work in industries such as public safety, law enforcement, and EMS. These advanced solutions have greatly enhanced the execution capabilities of public safety agents in time-critical situations and adverse environments.

  Thanks to the latest developments in connectivity, form factor, and accompanying software, UW52 has become ideal mobile tools for police departments.

Improve the safety of public

 UW52 can take some measure to improve the safety of public. For example ,it can do it by recognize precisely ,monitoring and real time sense. UW52 can make the position traceably and have a precise perception about position changeable .When the polices use the UW52, they could know the accuracy position of everyone. UW52 will monitor the safety all the time.

  UW52 can track the people or device precisely. And it support can asset management real time and issue the electronic invoice, it makes the users more convenience in law enforcement process. At the same time, UW52 has one function that it can research by local and long-range research. So unless the users want to research the people or devices, long-range or short –range, UW52 can be used. UW52 edge-sensing, mobility and printing solutions allow law enforcement and first responders to better respond to events as they unfold

Law enforcement

UW52 can be used by investigation. The forensic can do some analysis in the process of investigations. The crime can take place in anywhere, maybe in outdoor or remote region. So maybe they will face any dangerous, even the extremely temperature changeable, heavy rain or heavy or the severe dust. But you can believe the UW52. It is reliable when the forensic or outdoor stuff use it, UW52 can offer higher accuracy and reliability for them.

Traffic police

UW52 is recommended to every traffic police. They can put in the information of breaking rules on Wi-Fi. When the police find the vehicle, the traffic police can handle it immediately, print the tickets, this behavior make the polish more dignified. With the service of bank electronic payment, UW52 can offer the service of general message, extend the information management of traffic department. It can strengthen the electronic design of law enforcement system and reduce the bug due to traditional management system.