Battery Charger UC-C55

  • Dimensions

    125 x 85 x 28 mm

  • Weight

    206 g

  • Viltage / Capacity

    3000mAh / 4050mAh

  • Certification


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Although the batteries are capable of charging while installed in the tablet, implementing this optional external charging station will allow you to charge multiple batteries at once. In order to fulfill dock multiple of them together for fast and efficient charging.

For those who have the device fix-mounted on a forklift or in a vehicle without a power supply, the charging station is the ideal solution to get power to those batteries at the same time during shifting period. LED indicator lights will notify user of the battery charging status. The indicator is red when the battery is charging; the indicator is green ,the charge finished.

The battery charger is very small in size and the weight is very light. The weight only has 243g. But it can charger two batteries at the same time. The charge time is not too long.  It can gain more time.The battery charger has wide temperature with charging or no not. Its fully rugged design is more durable and reliable when operating in extreme temperature condition. The users can place it on anywhere for its compact and strong quality.


    • OEM&ODM
    • Provide all-round services including but not limited to rebrand, Android and Windows, rugged design  and customized accessory in maintenance.
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    • 7*24-hour consulting services to provide the most effective and fastest services and intelligent cloud all-weather real-time monitoring to ensure maximum avoidance of customer losses.
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    • Provide all-round services including but not limited to rebrand, Android and Windows, rugged design and and customized accessory in maintenance.
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    • Pay close attention to the opinions and requirements of customers, solve problems as soon as possible, and provide high quality services.


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